Omega - private cheat for Rust Devblog

Clients privacy, a lot of functions, low price

Our Values

Why customers choose us?

Low prices

We are not set overprices and hear from our customers to check prices and reduce them if necessary

Fast updates

We are updating cheat as soon as pirate versions of rust get updated, which can take not more then one day


Always can help with your problems Telegram and Discord



PSilent, Always head, Random HitBox, FatBullet, Fake Lag, AntiAim, Peek Assist, Melee Attack, Fast Heal, Jump Shot, Instant Revive and other..


NPC, Players, Ores, Food (berry, pumpkin, potato..), Crates, Items, Player Info and other..


RCS, No Recoil, No Sway, Rapid Fire, Smooth, Super Eoka, Fast Bow, Long Melee and other..

Misc ESP

Corpses, Backpacks, Turrets, Guntraps, Airdrops, Helicopters, Boats, Bradley, Cupboards, Animals and other..


Fast Loot, Third Person, SwimOnGround, Inf.Jump, Spiderman, FakeAdmin, Flyhack, Ambient, FOV, Helicopter Pilot Hold Items and other..


Load, Save, Disable Watermark, Menu Color..

Buying Cheat


Frequently Asked Questions



You have not correct HWID, you will be need open Sing In and reset your HWID buy clicking Reset HWID. If you can't reset HWID please, write to tickets in our Discord. If your limit of HWID resetting expired you can buy one more.

Click in header of the site "other" and select register, you need to write your data and paste buyed key. After success registering you need go to cabinet and download cheat. To open cheat press buttons "Delete" or "Pg Down". Thats pretty easy.

You need to help other community members with he's problems in chat, if you are helped others a lot, we can give you special role named "Supporter", this role have solid color, role have position higher then "Omega Imperator" and "Paypal Reseller". You need to open ticket and say about you wanna role "Supporter", at least you need to be 13+ years, good knowledge about cheat and you need to have good eng grammar.



What users are saying about us

Currently, the cheat is really brilliant in every way. The menu is very clear and easy to use. The price is small as a possibility. And most importantly, pirate EAC can not do anything.


Good cheat in all ways, i'm played with that a big amount of time and can recommend this software.


Site Developer

I, as a Russian user of software, can safely recommend it, everything is fine, only a bypass is missing detour GW!



Wanna see software in work?